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Espresso :: 2oz double shot

Macchiato :: double espresso + 2oz steamed milk

Cappuccino :: double espresso + 4oz steamed milk

Latte* :: 12/16oz double espresso + steamed milk

Mocha* :: 12/16oz double espresso + organic chocolate syrup and steamed milk

Americano* :: Sm = double espresso + 10oz hot water. Lg = quad espresso + 12oz hot water

Espresso Shaker :: double shot, chocolate/vanilla/caramel/simple syrup, 2% milk, soy and half & half

*Iced Options Available


Hot Chocolate :: 12/16oz + steamed milk + organic chocolate

Mexican Cola :: made with cane sugar (no corn syrup)

Fentiman’s Soda :: Mandarin & Seville Orange/Rose Lemonade


Chai Latte :: 12/16oz, 60% Cabbagetown Chai + 40% steamed milk

Citron Green Iced Tea

Moroccan Mint (green tea + peppermint)

Coconut Oolong

Himalayan Gold Black Tea (organic black tea)

Scarlet Caffeine-Free (herbal & fruit blend)

Chamomile Medley Caffeine-Free (herbal blend)

White Peony (organic white)

All tea options are available iced